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Pure Air Solutions from Bruce Sullivan is proud to provide mold remediation in Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and surrounding areas using the patented Pure Maintenance dry fog process. Using this cutting edge two-step system, even some of the most difficult mold and water damage problems can be resolved in only a few hours. Dry fog technology is not only quicker and more effective than old, out-dated remediation methods, it also saves you money. If your home has been taken over by mold, Pure Air Solutions from Bruce Sullivan can give you a fresh start!

You may have high mold counts in your home and not even know it.  Mold can grow behind walls, in washing machines, under cupboards, and in your HVAC system.  It can even appear clear after being washed with bleach while still being very dangerous. If you have felt sick in your home or have had a water leak, call Bruce Sullivan and Pure Air Solutions to schedule an on-site evaluation by a trained professional.

owner of pure air solutionsPhoto: Bruce Sullivan, Owner Operator Pure Air Solutions in Bowling Green

Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander
No one in the Bowling Green area knows mold like Bruce. He came out to do an air test on a remodel we have and found tons of mold and did a treatment on it. Couldn’t ask for a better price or business to customer relationship. If I ever had a question he was there with an answer. Couldn’t recommend enough.
Joleen Miller
Joleen Miller
Bruce was very thorough with the mold treatment of my home. I highly recommend this method of treatment.
Summer Wilson
Summer Wilson
Bruce has gone above and beyond to ensure an issue in our crawlspace has been remedied and resolved. His vast knowledge and commitment to customer service are greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Pure Air Solutions to anyone with moisture problems!
Wendy Strode
Wendy Strode
We were so pleased with Bruce and his services! He is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained any question we had. Originally we were going to use a large company. However, after that company came and surveying the area of mold, they only recommended spraying or “fixing” that area of the house. After researching mold and spore particles, it quickly spreads to all other areas of the home such as air ducts. Our home is around 5,000 ft and the entire house needed fogging in order to kill all the spores on both floors. I highly recommend Pure Air Solutions to ensure high quality service to your entire home. We have many plants and there was never a worry about additional toxins being pumped into the air. The furniture did not have to be covered as Pure Air Solutions uses “clean” products.
Josh Kusch
Josh Kusch
Bruce was wonderful. He treated our house like it was his house. We highly recommend him.
Cumberland Concrete LLC
Cumberland Concrete LLC
Pure air solutions has done a thorough job at fogging our home , And also has given us helpful tips in keeping our house mold free, I highly recommend them we are well pleased
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan
A+++ service Definitely the man to go to!
Madison Via
Madison Via
We had a wonderful experience with Bruce! He was on time, extremely knowledgeable, and very professional! We’d recommend him to anyone needing mold mitigation services! We were very pleased with how everything turned out and how our house was treated. Wonderful service!!
Abigail Rogers
Abigail Rogers
Mr. Sullivan was very quick to respond and professional through and through. The fogging process was done very quickly. I definitely noticed a positive difference in my mood and work of breathing after the job was done.
Judson Hibner
Judson Hibner
Pure Air Solutions was the right choice for us. Their knowledge of mold comes through personal experience and they are also passionate about their work. Very thorough. Very Professional. The system they have seems to be very effective. I would recommend them to anyone with mold issues as the #1 company for mold mitigation. Thanks


Respiratory issues, digestive tract dysfunction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, skin irritation, and mast cell activation syndrome are all adverse effects that mold can have on human health. They are, in fact, effects that were being experienced by my family and me when we moved out of our home for seven months due to a mold issue.

Several things contributed to the mold outbreak in our home. They included improperly installed gutters, the inadequacies of our HVAC system, and problems associated with the original construction of the house. By the time we realized that we had a problem, our family’s health had been dealt a severe blow, the effects of which are still being felt several years later. As a result, our home was literally dismantled to the studs and rebuilt, our furniture and appliances were discarded, and many irreplaceable family treasures were forever lost.

It was not until we had moved back into our rebuilt home that we discovered the Pure Maintenance dry fogging process. Since that time, we have seen the benefits of the dry fogging process in the dozens of homes and churches that we have personally treated.

If we had discovered this process earlier, we could have saved ourselves tens of thousands of dollars associated with furniture and appliance replacement, construction costs, and medical bills (not too mention untold heartache, lost work time, and needless stress). Moreover, having witnessed the benefits of the Pure Maintenance process, it is our sincere desire to help mitigate the deleterious effect of mold in the lives of others.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

Bruce Sullivan, Owner
Pure Air Solutions, LLC


Demolition Free Mold Remediation
in South Central Kentucky

Pure Air Solutions in Bowling Green utilizes patented Pure Maintenance dry fog technology that has revolutionized the way mold remediation is done. This results in stress-free mold remediation that saves you both time and money.

Disinfection & Sterilization
in South Central Kentucky


Not only does using the Pure Air Solutions dry fog technology kill all mold* in your home or business, but it also destroys bacteria and viruses that make people sick making for a healthier environment.

*Kills 99.99% of all molds

Odor Removal in South Central Kentucky



When your home or business has odor problems, our dry fog technology is your go-to solution for odor control. We offer a simple, non-toxic solution to combat and get rid of your odor concerns

Water Damage Mold Remediation That Doesn’t Break the Bank (Or Your Walls)

Dry fog is the miracle behind the demolition free mold remediation system used by Pure Air Solutions in Bowling Green. Learn about why the dry fog process used by Pure Air Solutions is taking mold remediation to the next level.

US Army Confirms Dry Fogging Effectiveness

Our two-step dry-fog technology was put to the test for 6 months by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Based on the results, the Pure Air treatment was proven effective at killing mold, disinfecting surfaces, and keeping mold from returning.


Contact Bruce Sullivan and Pure Air Solutions for mold remediation in Bowling Green, mold mitigation, odor removal, and other disinfection services in the Bowling Green area. See for yourself why Pure Air Solutions offers the most affordable approach to mold remediation in all of South Central Kentucky.

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